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Need a webpage constructed?
You've come to the right place!
Here at Wizard Webs, the Wizard Kes will design a site especially for you!

Whether your interests are personal or for business, I'll create a webpage like no other!
Too many sites on the net fail to include a unique style that stands out from the rest;
Plain, ordinary text, or a heap of pictures thrown together, or Javascript that freezes up
Your computer will seldom catch the attention of viewers surfing the net.
These webpages are what I'd like to refer to as "cookie cutter clones."

The secret to exemplary web design has a unique art or structure that literally takes
You on a journey through the Kingdom of Cyberspace, while portraying your work,
Your interests, and has easy-to-navigate links or a map to guide you.

Here at Wizard Webs, I promise Expert Craftsmanship in Web Design,
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Personal Webpage: Was $199 Now Only $25 containing a title, your E-mail,
pictures of your choosing, links, and several words. Best Value!!!

Community or Chat Site: Was $399 Now Only $40 containing Forums of your selection of Templates,
With Chat Software, Up to Any Number of Rooms, Photo Board included etc.

Commercial and Premium Sites: Was $499 Now Only $50 to your specifications.
(Hourly rate $25 after $50 by fixed quote)

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Click Below for Some Examples!!!

A Gaming Site Dedicated to World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

A Gaming Site Dedicated to Diablo 3

Roleplaying: Diablo II Duels on Battlenet

The Joint Cheefs: Alternative Music

Lords Of Tiamat: Heavy Mystical Music

Xanadu Online Store

Xanadu Proxy Server: Hide Your IP

The Tritones: Featuring a Music Group

The Polish Wedding

Natural Guard Tree Care

Jim's Used Cars

Knights of the Round Table

A Star Wars Forum, Know the Force

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